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Community Colleges


Part-time faculty represent close to two-thirds of all faculty teaching in California community colleges. Many of these faculty members are not paid to hold office hours nor do they have access to paid health benefits. They are paid 56% less than their full-time colleagues, yet they are required to have the same educational qualifications.

Furthermore, they are limited to teaching only 60% of the class load that full-time faculty may teach in one multi-college district, so that part-timers in large urban districts have to drive long distances to get to other districts between classes.

Our goals are equal pay, equitable health and retirement plans, and job security, including but not limited to academic freedom.   Our immediate strategies include legislation to remove the 60% cap on teaching loads and to improve state funding both through earmarked budget items and better enforcement of existing laws on funding for instruction.


Northern California
Mary Ellen Goodwin
(408) 378-7888 

Southern California
David Milroy
(858) 569-8435
(858) 204-7915 (cell)


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